It is a bachelor degree that offers a scientific and technological approach to the food industry, covering the entire food preparation process, from obtaining raw materials to the distribution and sale process, also including production, conservation and quality control, both food and the facilities where it is handled and stored.

Main specialization line

  • Food

Related lines

  • Environment
  • Water management

Training itineraries

  • Food industry
  • Wine industry



Academic, scientific and professional interest

Only bachelor degree in the University System of Galicia.

Training itineraries shared with Bachelor in Agricultural Engineering and Environmental Sciences that offer the possibility of obtaining two undergraduate degrees in related areas of knowledge by combining subjects.

Position Xangai Ranking / Academic Ranking of World Universities 2020: Section 51-75


Professional area

  • Development and innovation of processes and food products
  • Management and quality control of processes and food products
  • Food safety
  • Legal, scientific and technical food advice
  • Legislation and food standardization
  • Food sales and marketing.
  • Nutrition and dietary services


  • Food biotechnologist
  • Food industry technician
  • Responsible for production and development of new food products and processes
  • Management and control of industrial food production
  • Food Service Laboratory Technician
  • Technician in food and sensory analysis
  • Food quality control technician
  • Inspector, food quality auditor
  • Oenologist