The main objective is to set up a Technology and Knowledge Transfer Unit designed to identify and promote technology and knowledge transfer to the private sector, organising workshops and seminars to increase the knowledge base and competency of professionals with a stake in water related issues, providing technology and knowledge based support tailored to fit the needs of local, regional and Euroregional businesses.

Specific objectives

  • To actively promote the relationship between the University, businesses and institutions and society at large.
  • To work on identifying existing socio-economic needs and opportunities and to pass them on to the academic and research community.
  • To spread and facilitate access to the knowledge generated by the Water Campus, raising awareness about it and its applications.
  • To provide support for the process of managing and negotiating technology and knowledge transfer.
  • To provide essential life-long training to satisfy the needs of the business sector.
  • To run joint workshops and seminars with the business sector and administration as well as professionals, teaching staff and researchers from several universities and other prestigious research centres.
  • To create the necessary conditions to provide the Water Campus with integrated and structured services capable of ensuring a rapid response to the requests received.
  • To design and implement a hands-on market strategy to raise awareness amongst its potential clients of the services on offer at the Water Campus.

Expected Results

  • To improve the capacity of research-based technology and knowledge to generate and increase income for the Campus.
  • To boost innovation on the Campus and in local, regional and Euroregional industries.
  • To strengthen the ties between the Campus and local, regional and Euroregional professionals in order to improve the competence of the regional workforce.
  • To provide an efficient service for transferring knowledge generated on the Campus to specific businesses and institutions in order to raise their competitiveness in the global market.
  • To serve as a potential source of funding to improve the sustainability of the Campus.