The Water Campus intends to provide the Campus of Ourense with its own personality and scientific identity through the establishment of a University campus capable of projecting externally and of creating economic and social value as a territorial development engine in the province of Ourense, thematically based on the water.


The Water Campus will carry out a teaching and researching activity, as well as an excellence transfer in the field of the integral management and of water resources utilisation, creating in Ourense an ecosystem which facilitates the knowledge exchange and the competitiveness in the province. The mission of the Water Campus is to be the facilitator of a multi-disciplinary network integrated by research, teaching and technological and knowledge transference units.


The Water Campus must define a number of strategic guidelines to ensure the provision of advanced, high-quality training in its areas of specialisation, while becoming an internationally renowned regional (Euroregional) leader in multidisciplinary research on water-related issues and securing a sustainable funding system.
Additionally, it must also provide support to companies and institutions of its environment through technology and knowledge transfer.