Framework Agreement signed between the University of Vigo and the Business Confederation of Ourense

The University of Vigo and the Business Confederation of Ourense (CEO) signed a Framework Agreement, considering it to be of mutual benefit to encourage cooperation and collaboration in order to promote knowledge transfer to the productive network in the Province of Ourense as part of an on-going effort to apply knowledge for the practical benefit of society as a whole.

The aim of this agreement is to conduct joint activities and projects in any area considered to be of interest to the institutions involved. These activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Developing innovation and knowledge transfer projects.
  • Organising and hosting interinstitutional dissemination activities such as courses, conferences, symposiums and seminars in the previously mentioned areas.
  • Providing support for inventors, researchers and students.
  • Exchange and cooperation in innovation and/or social projects of mutual interest.
  • Any activity deemed to be of mutual interest within the possibilities of the parties involved in compliance with the current legislation and provisions governing public service tenders.


Framework Agreement | Formal constitution