Water Campus Institutional Research and Projects Program

The Water Campus Institutional Research and Projects Programme (IPICA) is a medium-term programme within the framework of the Strategic Plan for the Water Campus (February 2013) in line with strategic guideline No. 2 – Research. The main aims are:

  • To establish multidisciplinary projects relevant on the field of water which can enhance the regional, national and international available funding.
  • To attract new international research partners, which will increase the Campus visibility in the international research community.
  • To increase the number of papers published in international scientific journals, especially co-authored papers, within the specialised fields of the Water Campus.
  • To liaise between the research conducted by the groups in the Water Campus and the PhDs students in the Water Campus.



The main objective of this programme is to secure founding for the projects submitted by researchers and selected as institutional projects for the Water Campus. To this effect, the ‘IPICA Programme’ covers to all the projects promoted and carried out by the research groups operating at the University of Vigo which, having fulfilled the selection criteria, are designated as Water Campus institutional projects.


2016 Edition (1st term)

Scheduled time frame

  • January 2016: Project proposal submissions by researchers.
  • March – April 2016: Assessment of the proposals submitted by researchers.
  • May 2016: Notifications and meeting with the researchers.


Proposed topics

Topics proposed by the selection committee based on the proposals submitted and the eligibility criteria contained in the IPICA Programme:

Water Quality | Tourism and Well-being | Public Water Management