The Vice Chancellor Office in the Campus of Ourense, with the financial support of the Excma. Deputación Provincial of Ourense, through the annual collaboration agreement, convenes annually the Aid for research groups in the Campus of Ourense -INOU Projects-.

The objective of this programme is to support the research which contributes to the social and economic development in Ourense and to the understanding of its reality, as well as to the specialisation of the Campus of Ourense as Water Campus. For this purpose will receive funding those projects related to the socio-economic fields more important in the province such as tourism, agriculture and livestock, trade, integral management and water resources utilisation, especially those related to thermalism, or any other as long as their relationship with the province of Ourense, or with the specialization of the Water Campus is justified.

At the same time it aims to be a way for younger full-time researchers, for whom is more difficult to attend other calls, to launch their projects, also helping to reduce the gender gap in research.

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